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Your Keys Are In Trustworhy Hands.

Our keyholding services offer flexibility as a standalone solution or in combination with our mobile security patrols. Entrusting us with your keys means round-the-clock protection, quick access in emergencies, and peace of mind knowing that your property is in capable hands. Whether it’s for residential or commercial premises, our professional keyholding service ensures prompt and secure handling of your keys, enhancing the overall security of your premises.


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07957 861 049

0151 220 5836

How We Keep Your Keys Safe.

We prioritise the utmost security for your keys, ensuring they are meticulously coded, sealed, and stored within our nationwide office key safes. Our stringent protocols guarantee that keys are only released under strict controls in cases of urgent alarm activation, incidents, or emergency entries. With our robust key management system, you can trust that your keys are protected and accessed promptly and responsibly when the situation demands.

How Does It Work?.

Protecting your keys and the safety of your home and business involves the following: 


  • Secure Key Storage: Your keys are securely stored in our designated key safes, ensuring controlled access and preventing unauthorized handling.
  • Emergency Response: In case of alarm activation or emergency situations, our trained professionals provide a rapid response, accessing your keys quickly to address the situation.
  • Keyholder Verification: Our team verifies the identity of authorized keyholders before releasing the keys, maintaining strict security measures.
  • Alarm Disarming: Upon arrival, our keyholding personnel are equipped to disarm alarms, ensuring a safe entry into your premises without delays.
  • Incident Documentation: We maintain detailed documentation of all keyholding activities, including key release, alarm response, and any incidents encountered.
  • Key Replacement and Return: After resolving the situation, our team securely returns the keys or assists with key replacement, ensuring a seamless process for you.